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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Stonewall Uprising Documentary

I was never aware or informed about the Stonewall Riots in history books or any other class other than this one. I want to know why is this not included in history books especially since it occurred in the United States. I also found the stonewall riots documentary extremely shocking because I was never aware that homosexuality was considered an illness. Nor that they used shock therapy while showing them pornos as a method of "treatment" for homosexuals to force them to become heterosexual. That is completely unethical and dehumanizing not to mention the drugs they were given while in psychiatric care that made them feel as if they were drowning in water.

Furthermore, young students in grade school being told that they could not be homosexuals and if they identified as such, then they would be caught and live a life of hell for the rest of their lives just for being homosexual. There was false fears placed into the communities regarding homosexuality such as that they were responsible for child molestations and were discriminated against. It is quite devastating and difficult to watch the documentary in that people were being beaten simply for their sexuality and reminded much of the film Selma where African Americans were beaten simply because of the color of their skin and their quest to the Civil Rights freedom they deserved.

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