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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Stonewall thoughts

The film was interesting because it highlighted the complexity and intricacies involved in the growth of a social justice movement. I thought it was important that we got to hear the pleas for dignity and respect from the queers of the time. It was shocking to hear the conditions folxs had to deal with and live under to experience community or love. Especially unnerving was hearing about the get togethers of the meat trucks where folxs would meet.
This film demonstrates to me that these civil rights movements sprout from a much deeper pain and discontent with their social condition than any K-12 school textbook would ever tell.

It is a problem to me that these truths are kept from us because the more we know about each other's experience and struggle, the greater the support network. This happens because social issues are not isolated and if there is dialogue around them, then folxs will relate and there can be solidarity!

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