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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Stone Wall - Reflection

After watching the "Stone Wall" I have realized how lucky I am as a queer member in today's society. The fact that the riot was so Impactful, and freeing to the newer generations is amazing. Though the fight for he human right for the LGBT community came to surface off of tiered people whom used to have to play the closet game out of home on social life makes it even more stressful. Being gay wasn't only unacceptable but illegal to the point that people would have to behave not themselves in their local gay bars. To me the struggle and battle were worth it. It might sound like I'm just reflecting only as a beneficiary of the accomplishments, but in al reality I feel like honoring the event and those whom fought for my today rights and not carrying the burden they did makes me grateful and appreciative of the event, becaue I get to thank them for their efforts and accomplished goals, rather than struggle like they did. (This is based on the feelings developed added watching the Stone Wall documentary for like the sixth time)

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