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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Quevedo, Danny

My name is Danny Quevedo.  I am a Senior English Major with an emphasis in Creative Writing.  Although I will be taking one summer session in June-July, I will be attending the commencement ceremony 6/14 for my department.  My interest in this course is to learn more about Queer Art.  As I stated in my brief introduction last Friday, I appreciate, love, and value art (all sorts); sadly, I am the 'artsy' type.  I have not taken any art classes in the past; however, my exposure to art has been quite extensive that I know and understand the different forms of arts, painting and drawing techniques, and not to mention the different materials used to create art.

Over the weekend, I was reading Time Magazine - "Freedom Fight" with an article by David Von Drehle and responses by Jonathan Rauch ("The Attack on Gay Rights") and Rod Drehen ("The Attach on Believers); I would like for my LGBT event to take an in-depth look at how, when, and why did Religion begin to condemn homosexuality so much that even though there is a state and church separation, church/religion still seems to be detrimental in governmental decisions pertaining to LGBT rights.  Especially since the birth of Christianity and the reformation in 1500's, homosexuality has been seen as an abominable sin and a threat to society; and even though there seems to be a bit more 'openness' to the issue, marriage and other social rights are obstructed by religious (for me is more fanaticism) movements.

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