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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

QScholar Post

One thing is absolutely clear about Dan Guerrero: he is a performer. Even while sitting in the audience and listening to the presentations of the undergraduate QScholars, he participated in a way that indicated his enthusiasm for the spotlight and love for interpersonal interactions. Of course, his enthusiasm, and incredible, somewhat explosive energy lent interest to his keynote presentation, and it was also an impressive factor in his Q&A session after, but it teased me. I now need to see him in action and performance!

I don't agree with everything Dan said -- I think it's incredibly brave, in a world where it's so easy for people to beat an individual for speaking their mind, for said individual to plough ahead and speak whatever controversial ideas they have. I also was a little shell-shocked by his comment about shooting oneself -- though I know it was said in jest, I was surprised, especially since he is well-acquainted with the queer community, and the unfortunate linkage of LGBT teens and suicide. That out of the way, I would love to listen to him speak for hours, especially about combining different facets of his identity to create a unified, whole activist and performer. 

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