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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Padua, Marien

Hi everyone!

I'm Marien - a 3rd year Asian American Studies major and Labor & Workplace Studies minor. Growing up I feel as if my interest in creating art and my identity as a queer womxn have been stifled in my pursuit for comfort and security. But the more I grow in progressive organizing spaces, the more I want to explore, break down, and pick apart our daily lives and beliefs as influenced by a heteronormative, patriarchal, white, and ableist society. Taking this class serves as a way for me to explore my queer identity, but specifically within the scope of Los Angeles, a city that I come from and love. I'm looking forward to how this class will integrate art and education, since it's not the type of pedagogy that is practiced in education.

Currently, a reoccurring LGBT person/event that has been influencing my life and work is a transgender woman named Jennifer Laude. She was murdered by a military man in the Philippines. Evidence surrounding the situation indicates that it was a hate crime towards not only the Philippine people, but to the trans community as well. As internationally diasporic the Pilipinx community is, it is important to recognize that this issue not only manifests itself as a queer Philippine issue, but an international issue. Additionally, the incident illuminates the problematic presence of the US military in the Philippines. Overall, the way that the case of Jennifer Laude was handled violated Philippine sovereignty and exists as a crime against the LGBT community.

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