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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

On the documentary about the Stonewall Uprising

     The Stonewall uprising took place at the Greenwich Village of New York City. Stonewall was a gay bar in Greenwich Village. When the uprising took place, recognition of gay rights became more widely recognized. This uprising was a result of the suppression and bias enacted against queer men and women. The 1960's was a difficult time to be queer. Social norms at this time were strict, and most people were expected to conform to a heteronormative model. Queers were suppressed in order to fit these societal norms. The public was warned of homosexuals in PSA commercials by depicting them as stereotypes, sexual deviants and predators. Homosexuality at this time was regarded as a disease. Also, a postive affirmation of one's sexual identity has yet to exist, so there was no concept of "coming out". 

     Eventually, the force that suppress became too much to tolerate. Police arrested Stonewall. And the result was that the people, who at first hid their opinions and their identity, having sex in obscure places to hide from the discrimination and silently tolerating their opressors, rebelled against the police. What I found fascinating was that queers who saw themselves as sort of like down trodden bohemians stood up not only against the police, but also against societal norms. And even though society told them that they were deviants and ill, they still found the courage and affirmation to protest in a non-violent way. 

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