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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Lazzari, Chad

I am a non-traditional psychology major that spent the first half of his work life making TV shows and movies, primarily as an actor. Eventually I got bored and wanted to see what else I was good at and so I decided to go to college! I graduate from UCLA in June and am starting a doctoral program in clinical psychology this Fall in New England. My graduate studies will focus on the behavioral and mental health issues faced by young queer people with a particular aim at clinical interventions for shame, internalize homophobia, addiction and depression. The minor in LGBT studies has helped me to begin that focus and I have gained a lot of perspective from those studies. I have lived in Los Angeles my whole life and, I admit, know very little about the art scene here. I am excited that this class will expand my horizons a bit and give me yet another pair of glasses with which to view this crazy town and the strange monkeys that inhabit it. While I can't draw or paint, I do have the heart and soul of an artist and I am hoping it has the courage to show itself as we go along. If it turns out that I suck at fine arts, then I promise to be a good brush cleaner for all of you more seasoned artists.

I had the pleasure of getting to know Cleve Jones over the last couple of decades since I came out of the closet myself. Cleve was a young student intern for Harvey Milk in San Francisco at the dawn of the gay rights movement and he went on to co-found the San Francisco AIDS Foundation and conceive the NAMES Project Memorial Quilt, the world's largest AIDS memorial and the largest community art project ever created. Cleve is not an Angeleno, but he is an amazing and tireless hero for the queer community. His advocacy and his legacy have certainly informed our movement and the quilt is an extraordinary work of political art that will live on in history.

Meet my dog, Foxie Brown....

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