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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Lazzari, Chad / Stonewall

I found myself far more captivated by the Stonewall Uprising documentary than I thought I would be.  I guess I sort of felt like I knew that story so well. I lived in New York... I've heard it told so many times. To see it all laid out sequentially,  however, was fascinating. The diagrams depicting how people used the city streets to keep wrapping around on the police every time they tried to use clearance tactics were fascinating. They will stick with me the next time I walk by the site of the former Stonewall Bar for sure (In a few weeks, btw... I'll say HI for y'all!).

Most significantly to me, however, was the story of what happened the 2nd night. I've never heard that talked about and to me, this is why Stonewall is so important. Uprisings and demonstrations had happened before, as we have heard about. When queer people realized they had taken the night - beaten the police -  and they "discovered a power they never knew they had,"  and then showed up the very next night ready for business (in more ways than one), then there really was no turning back. Furthermore, the film really connected the uprising to the birth of the movement in a way that I haven't quite gotten before. I can imagine how empowering it must have been, after years of being beaten down, to see other communities rising up to support them in the cause, not to mention the incredible courage it must have taken to show up and march in that very first parade. Extraordinary... I'm so glad we watched!

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