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Thursday, April 9, 2015


Ibale, MJ

Hello, My name is Mariejo but you can call me MJ. I am a fourth year art history major with an interest in antiquities. I am currently applying to the VAPAE minor and I hope to as I am following a career path to museum education. 
            I am interested in the course because I, myself identify as a queer femme and have always took favor to themes of gender and sexuality in my art history course that I have taken so far. Unfortunately however, these topics are very brief. I recall taking a modern and contemporary African Art class and there was an artist that I ultimately admired. Her name was Zanele Muholi who tool photographs of the LGBTQ community in South Africa- this was very taboo and dangerous. Overall, I am taking this course to expand the study of queer art amongst different cultural communities and their impact on the term queer itself.
            What I believe to be an important mark in the Los Angeles queer community is UCLA Pride Admit Weekend. Pride Admit Weekend is the first LGBTQ admit weekend for incoming college students in the nation. It is important to note this as a mark in queer history because welcoming LGBTQ students in college campuses is vital to queer student retention and encourages students to lead successful careers beyond university. It also encourages universities to take initiatives in queer issues as they are able to recognize the faces of queer students and how much an impact the actions of the university affects queer students.

This is muh face. c:

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