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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Hi there!  My name is Paige Oldham and I'm a fourth year Gender Studies major.  Only recently, I decided to add on an LGBT minor, as I took a couple of LGBT classes in the past and fell in love.  Even though Gender Studies overlaps with and includes much discussion regarding queer identities, I consider myself to be fairly new (read:  somewhat naiive) to LGBT studies. This class sparked my interest because, not only did I need my Fridays to end on a happy, fun note, but I love art!  I grew up in Redding, CA and attended a k-8 Charter arts school where students were required to take four different artsy classes every day.  My family is a huge supporter of the arts, as it is incredibly therapeutic and useful in self-exploration.  So as soon as I noticed this course was available, I immediately enrolled.  It's the best of both worlds: earning class credit while exploring the awesomeness that making art has to offer!  Especially for the Queer community in Los Angeles.

After doing some research, I discovered an ongoing event that caught my eye.  The GMCLA, Gay Men's Chorus Los Angeles, is a volunteer performing arts organization created in 1979 in West Hollywood by a small group of 99 gay men, now a very large group, that travels around the world singing classical to modern songs.  They have even recorded 14 CDs!  The GMCLA raises money for LGBT and HIV while raising awareness about the importance of equality and nondiscrimination.  My aunt and uncle have been to their Christmas/New Years show quite a number of times and rave about it.

My mama and me :)

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