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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Vera, Darlene


My name is Darlene Vera and I am a Chicano Studies major at UCLA. I was born and raised in the central valley in Bakersfield to immigrant parents from Puerto Rico and Guatemala. I am a first generation college student and have a tremendous passion for providing health care in underprivileged communities internationally and locally similar to where my parents grew up in. I have hosted free medical/public health clinics in Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala, and if all falls into place I will soon provide free clinics in the Dominican Republic over Spring break.  My interest for art is gradually increasing since I took my first art class at UCLA last quarter with Professor Alma. I found the class rather challenging yet enjoyable in being to creatively express myself through drawing and painting which I did not believe I could do. I cannot wait to continue challenging myself to reach my full potential and discovering my creative side throughout the course.

Judy Baca had caught my interest since the first class that I took with Professor Alma. Judy Baca is currently a professor at UCLA and was the co-founder and first executive director of SPARC which is the Social and Public Art Resource Center of which I have visited for Dia De Los Muertos for another class. Her work is truly amazing and her accomplishments not only at the museums and but at the universities she has taught in has brought about an awakening in Chicano art. My favorite piece of work she created was the The World Wall. She created this essentially traveling or mobile murals in order to show her community of Watts, California what a mural looks like. Many people in her community are not as likely to visit a place such as LACMA. So Judy basically brought LACMA to them. The World Wall murals depict unity and strength in my opinion and I hope to see many more artists with this mentality this quarter in our class. 

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