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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Gulati, Khushboo

Peace, y’all!

I am a third year, World Arts and Cultures major and student of the earth. My major written on paper is WAC but outside the institution the world is my classroom and teacher. Outside of the papers and theory, I have an art practice that I have been cultivating since high school that focuses on queer Desi, diasporic, resistance narratives. I started organizing in high school and have been making art since I was really young, and decided to fuse these two very important spheres of my life when I started learning about systems of oppression and how my identities were/are inherently political. My art is an extension of myself and has been really important to my healing processes and in sharing healing with other qtpoc who connect with the stories that I share. I am interested in this course to learn more about queer artists in LA and how they have shared their experiences with queerness in their art. I am also excited about there being a studio component to this class as I rarely have time to devote to my art.

            An LGBT person that I feel is important is Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha, a queer femme mixed Sri Lankan artist and poet. Her work has been really important for me to see as another queer femme artist for inspiration, comfort, and wisdoms. Her work talks a lot about diaspora, her reconnecting to her roots, disability justice, and qtpoc justice. I really value her work and the intimacy of her poetry is powerful and healing.

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