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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Guerrero's Gaytino!

     Since I was unable to attend que Q-Symposium and missed Dan Guerrero's presentation, I am going to be writing on the article by Urquijo-Ruiz' "Beyond the Comfort Zone."  What creates a 'comfort zone,' really?  The article provokes some serious thoughts about being Latino/a and queer.  First of all, we have the smaller spectrum of society:  our families.  I think that Urquijo-Ruiz, while quoting Cherríe Moraga and Gloria Anzaldúa, is able to bring the aspect of Machismo in the household, not to mention the abandonment and the feeling of "disowning" an offspring due to his/her sexual identity.  Hence, the self-accepted queer needs to find and build strong relationships that would enable him/her to feel part of a group that will welcome them.

     Secondly, we have society at large that, even though nowadays occurs less than it did in the 1960's, displayed great discontent about a taboo-ish subject that made people feel uncomfortable.  Coming out of the Great Depression Era thirty years earlier, when Latinos where displaced and repatriated as the single cause of financial decay in the country, Latinos had to fight a double fight:  Being Latino/a or Chicano/a and queer.  Not only did these people had to flee the familiarity of their surroundings after acceptance, they had to fight for acceptance in the larger portion of society.  My question for Dan Guerrero would be:  What is one single incident during your performances in the past that you have seen changed into something positive today?

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