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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Fernandez, Juan

My name is Juan Fernandez and I’m a Chicana/o Studies major with a minor in LGBT Studies. I’m a fourth year (non-traditional) transfer student from Santa Monica College and I’m in my last quarter at UCLA. In my first year, I conducted research as part of the Community Development Social Justice Scholars Program. This research examined the lack of cultural relevance in Drug and alcohol rehabilitation and adult education and its effects on Queer communities of color. My interest in this course comes directly from the title that identifies all of my favorite things! That is Queerness, Queer Art, and Los Angeles. The course will also help me along the way as I continue my research on Queer Chicana/o art and artists.

For my Senior Honors Thesis, I am focusing on a group called the Maricón Collective. Their name derives from and subverts the Spanish emasculated term for Queer (maricón). I believe this group is important and has in a short time, contributed great work into the canon of Chicana/o art. The collective has created a following around the world through social media, and locally with their pop-up parties, clothing line, zines, and visual artworks. Ultimately the goal of my project is to create an archive of all of the cultural productions the Maricón Collective have created as well as works from other Queer Chicana/o artists from Los Angeles. The archive will become a part of the collection in the Chicano Studies Resource Library.

Frida, Fulang Chang, and I at the Museum of Modern Art, New York 

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