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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Dan Guerrero + The Queer Zone of Comfort

The Dan Guerrero piece by Urquijo-Ruiz was very interesting because it was beautiful to read about the solidarity and community building amongst Queer Chicana/o artists like Guerrero, Moraga, and Anzaldua. It seems the recurring conversation is one about how we can individually merge and navigate through our different identity intersections because the Chicana/o cultures we come from are still very tight-knit and family-oriented, and yet they maintain their hetero-patriarchal stands so aggressively at times that those ties are torn in a demand for the us to choose either family that doesn't accept us or being true to ourselves and creating a new family that respects and accepts us.

I identify as transgender and can relate to Guerrero's sense of discomfort in trying to create a queer zone of comfort while including my family. Like Dan's dad did, my parents have verbally accepted certain aspects of my queerness, but their process of decolonizing their minds and my process of deconstructing my internalized homophobia can seem overwhelmingly extensive at times. I am super grateful that my family is trying, though. I can also relate to Dan having to leave his home and home-town in order to grow comfortable in his identity. I don't know how long it would have taken for me to explore my sexual and even question my gender identity had I remained in my parents' house.

It was refreshing to be reading about Dan's coming-out story because it was his way of passing on the feeling of solidarity that he experienced seeing Zoot Suit and knowing his voice mattered and was beneficial for folxs to hear. I loved seeing that through the telling of our stories, by giving voice to our struggle, we create solidarity and community because those in our audience can relate and know the struggle is a cross that we all bear juntos.

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