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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Dan Guerrero: Beyond the Comfort Zone

As it is 4th week, otherwise known as the start of midterms season, I was unfortunately unable to make the Undergraduate Queer Symposium and therefore did not see Dan speak. :c

I did however read the summary of "Gaytino!" and had nothing but upmost respect and appreciation for his performance. Although I am not a Queer Chicana, I can relate to the work in terms of the intersectionality of both cultural and queer identity. We are born into our cultural identities and are conditioned to understand that this state that we are in is naturally a part of us, but our queer identity is something that we have to find on our own.

The journey of intersecting our cultural and queer identity is  something very personal for any queer person of color and is what separates us from both the heteronormative and white populations. These are coming of age stories respective to each QPOC that can be found in any age or era. I believe that Guerrero's performance does not solely rely on those who are Chicana/ Chicano but is a relatable story to any QPOC despite age.

Overall, considering the intersectionality of culture and queerness, how can other  queer people of color from different cultural communities show solidarity if they do not identify as Chicana/ Chicano? Although they may relate to the overall theme of the work.

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  1. Thanks for your post, Mariejo. I, too, was fascinated by Dan's take on the search for identity subjectivity and in particular by his POV as an older queer Chicano... I'd love to see a similar story from a new generation Gaytino done side by side with Dan's story!