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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Dan Guerrero at QScholars

After attending Dan Guerrero's presentation yesterday at the 2nd Annual LGBT Studies Undergraduate Research Symposium, I was truly impressed with Dan Guerrero's work and how the atmosphere he provides in making everyone feel that they are in a safe space. This is from his way of speaking and the presentation felt almost like a discussion where many people were asking questions and felt as if everyone was speaking to a long time friend.

Learning about Guerrero's unique history especially of his father with the farm workers movement with Cesar Chavez and his own work with Cesar Chavez and Dolores Huerta  was wonderful to hear. I am a fan of Cesar Chavez and knowing how many lives he helped and the people he connected to is incredible. What surprised me the most is his dad's music in the Pachuco play. It is no wonder Guerrero is as incredibly talented and devoted to his work as was his father in creating the music for the Pachuco play. Additionally, his copyright of the word Gaytino when he was creating that play and the hard work he put into and of course was still finalizing is work is amazing.

The questions I would ask him would be would he ever recreate the music his father produced if asked to for the reenactment of a modern version of the Pachuco film (play)?

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