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Monday, December 3, 2012

Visa Extraordinaire

Visa is a voluptuous,  fierce, hilarious, consciousnesses, hard working queer woman of color. During Visa's visit to class she discussed some conscious issue that are affecting the Queer people of color community. First and foremost the fact that Visa is a transgender sex worker is a major community condition that the trans community faces. With little protection from the American justice system the Transgender community has a high unemployment rate due to the fact that many are fired from jobs and are simply not hired for the simple reason that they are gender non-conforming. Therefore, with such a lack of opportunity Transgender people resort to sex work. Visa represents a hidden community that hardly receives any attention from the public. The character of Visa is presented in a humorous way that can captivate audiences to attempt to bring awareness to the community conditions of the Transgender community. Furthermore, she also discusses other community conditions such as undocumented immigration, qpoc community disjointedness, and queerphobia.   In a comedic way that the audience could relate to Visa was able to gift Queer consciousness to her audience. Visa was a fantastic visitor to our class.

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