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Saturday, December 1, 2012

There is an essence,
between cultural reality
and self recognition.
Representation in
the melting-
pot of

I chose Olga García-Echeverría because of where she comes from, because her poetry speaks of truths that at times reflect my own. She writes of the Yaqui deer dance. To me, dance is breath, which connects to beat, which connects to heat, when I speak. A poet that reminds me of that is a poet I want to remember.

The experience of working on this website is something that I didn't think I would do, to this extent. Starting a blog, totally in my goals, creating a web-site.. bfft, not really, and i'm so happy of that. However, I thought that the students in the class should of been offered the opportunity to turn in their own creative/art/works. Some of us in the class are from LA, and while others aren't, their experiences of being a part of this institution will be shaped by its location. It also seemed appropriate for students to submit art when identifying as queer. I also realized that if no one else was on board for this kind of project, it would have to be something that I did for myself. (hence the starting poem)

Preparing the website for its launch, is personally, one of the most rewarding things I've felt. It is quiet incredible to look at codes and know that the changes I'm typing are going to openly affect what I'm working on. Like choices in life, but with less repercussion, thanks to the undo.

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