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Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Presentation

In today’s presentation we showed what we did in this class, Queer Arts in Los Angeles during this quarter. When we first entered into the classroom, the only concept we had was a vague image of queer. I didn’t know what exactly queer meant. Reading several books such as Art and Homosexuality, When We Were Outlaws and Relocations, I foundd myself in the middle of the current discourse on queer. The relations between homosexuality and art are so complicated that they can be categorized in a form of matrix. From Jeanne Cordova’s book and Karen Tongson’s book, I realized those activists struggle to put queer in the right place. On Monday’s class, we discussed the book assigned on that day, or the professor gave us a lecture about aesthetical practices that take place these days, or historical events related to queer activism. What drew my attention the most, however, was Wednesday’s class in Young Research Library. In the class, we were activists who gathered information on artists and presented them on the web to introduce not well-known queer artists. The presentation that we had today was worthy in that way. It was another way of letting people know what queer art is and what queer is. I was proud of all of my classmates and want to say special thanks to Professor Lopez for her good teaching. I could learn life knowledge not just from books but also from being an activist on my own. 

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