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Monday, December 3, 2012


The last nine weeks have been a been a Journey of consciousness building. Not being from the Los Angeles area all I knew was that there is a large Chican@ and Latino population, hollywood, sky scrapers, and traffic. However, LA holds so much Queer Chican@/Latin@ history that has shaped our lives in this very moment. LA is a trend setting city in regards to the Queer movement. While the Stonewall Uprising may have been in New York it simply set off the United States Queer Civil Rights Movement. LA is the city that pushed it forward with the Silverlake Uprising, Watts Riots, and the arts. There are various forms of arts that activist use to push for change such as: painting, instillation, theater, film, music, spoken word, photography, and much more. Artist such as Karen Anzoategui, Robert Maplethorpe, and Aurora Gurrero work on activism of queer people of color. The website project has also been a great resource to use for activism. We are building an activist network of artist that will house the works of the hidden queer people of color community. By bringing forth this type of work to the public us as students have helped along the Queer People of Color Movement, which is amazing.

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