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Sunday, December 2, 2012


            The best part of this course for me was focusing on Los Angeles-based queer artists and creating a website to enhance their visibility.  The website serves as another tool for the Los Angeles diverse community to learn more about artists that play a significant part of shaping this city’s community.  In other words, this website is intended to be a resource for the general public to learn about queer artists and their work.  This course gave me the opportunity to learn about artists and their art I did not know about.  In fact, I chose an artist that I did not know anything about and decided to do as much research as I could about her, Alison de la Cruz.  I also decided to focus on her because I enjoy learning about performance artists.  In the process of creating the website with the class, I enjoyed using digital tools, like Photoshop to visually represent what de la Cruz does as a performer.  It was a somewhat difficult process, since I am not a technology person.  However, I am very pleased with what I have learned and to be part of this collaborative work that is dedicated to the Latina/o queer artists that we researched.  

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