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Sunday, December 2, 2012


      Looking back on these last 10 weeks I have emerged from this course having gained an experience like no other that I have taken away from any other class in my time here at UCLA. I initially enrolled in the class to become more aware of the LGBT movement and struggles and am now leaving as an enlightened student who has learned not only from our profesor and our texts but also from my classmates and the project that we have been working on so tediously to put together. I'm one of the least tech savvy people I know and it had never occurred to me that I would one day learn how to create a webpage for others to use as a resource. I am amazed by the creativity and dedication of this class in bringing Profe Lopez's vision to life through this website. I feel that I can now offer the  publicity chairs from a few of the organization I participate in some help creating and or designing via Dream Weaver and Photoshop.
      Researching my artist Laura Aguilar has proved to be a challenge at times but I have enjoyed the little struggles and victories that have come along the way. I chose to research her work as a photographer because her work is unique to anything that I have seen and she is a Latina, something I too can identify with. Her love for nature is pretty amazing and I enjoy her interpretation of the subjects behind her lens.  

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