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Saturday, December 1, 2012


Being able to participate in the creation of a website that joins Queer culture, Art, and Los Angeles all at once has been an absolute dream, though not without its share of challenges. I think the fact that the students were asked to create a logo and interface was really cool. We all have this website that we share. I had not expected that I would be making a webpage this quarter (or ever for that matter) and I certainly had no idea how difficult it would be. While researching and learning about the artist was interesting, the technical work that has to be done to compile and format all the information is daunting. 
Having said that, Photoshop is tons fun now that I have a partial grasp of its wonders. I really enjoy working in Photoshop because it allows for the manipulation of images into new images, which have our own stamp on them. It was not hard to get used to the Photoshop tools and tricks, but Dreamweaver on the other hand has been a pain in the neck. I will admit that being technologically challenged is probably to blame for my incompetence in dealing with the program. Oddly enough, I enjoyed learning about html code, I think I was able to understand that better than the rest. But, I really appreciate that I will walk out of this class able to use Photoshop and somewhat capable of maneuvering in Dreamweaver.
The greatest part about this class is that I have learned more about activism and art and how activism itself is an art form. I feel that I have a better understanding and deeper appreciation for the struggles of Queer culture. Thank you, Professor Lopez, for this class!

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