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Saturday, December 1, 2012


I have never had a class at UCLA that was quite like Queer Arts in LA. It was fun, interactive, surprising at times and insightful. I knew when I signed up that I was going to enjoy this class but it has definitely surpassed my expectations in every way possible. Almost every class I have taken has the same general format, such as papers, midterms, and finals. But I liked that this class was more geared towards the issue of queer arts in LA and we discussed this with the help of film clips, powerpoint presentations, and the readings. I also liked the fact that we went beyond this topic and brought in discussions on immigration and things of that sort to create more dialogue within the students.
Looking back at all the work this class has done this quarter, I can honestly say I have learned things that I will apply to my life in the future and I had fun at the same time. I feel that the skills I learned for both Photoshop and Dreamweaver can be very helpful to me. I really enjoyed applying the skills I learned to work on my artist and his artwork. It was a bit challenging at first to edit the images we chose but going to the lab every week and practicing definitely helped. I was also very happy with the artist I chose, Antonio Rael, because he is a Bruin and by studying and analyzing his paintings, he is clearly very talented and passionate about his work. His art style is the type that I personally like; art that is closely connected to the Latino culture and contains symbols of family, love, culture, religion, death, beauty, etc. Getting the opportunity to research Rael and create a webpage is something I am truly proud of and grateful to have done. I am excited to present about my artist and anxious to see our hard work pay off with the final result of the website.

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