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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Reflecting on the quarter

I thoroughly enjoyed this class - not only because it was interesting content-wise, but also because of the unique format of the course assignments and materials. All of the required readings for class so far have been excellent and easy to consume, as they formed a nice foundation for the task of having to research an actual artist. Creating the website materials through Photoshop and Dreamweaver was an interesting component to the class; it was nice to have a alternative counterpart to the essay assignments.

Initially, I had signed up for this class because I felt that, as a Los Angeles resident, I ought to know a bit more about the (queer) art community than I did. I knew pretty much nothing about artists specific to LA at all, let alone queer artists in LA. Now, thanks to my fellow classmates' blog posts I definitely feel like I have at least a cursory knowledge of several LA artists, and thanks to my research on my personal artist D'Lo, I am more well-versed on the works of a particular one too. I am really glad that I chose to research D'Lo - I wanted to choose a performance artist but was worried about not being able to find recordings of their works - D'Lo proved to be great in the sense that he had a very comprehensive website with a lot of clips and pictures, making research quite straightforward. I definitely want to see him perform now. I think after all this research I would be able to appreciate him more than if I didn't know who he was.

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