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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Queer Arts in LA

  This being my last quarter at UCLA, this class has definitely been one of the most unique experiences I have had in class during my time here. It was a totally different experience having a class that was so much "hands-on" oriented and so interactive. 
 Working on the web project has been great. I have had previous experience with photoshop, I had taken a class in high school, but Dreamweaver was a totally different experience. So far the most strenuous parts have been with having to make the html page. I have encountered a lot of problems with trying to get html page in the same format as with the rest of the class. That has been the most arduous part of the class and the project itself. As difficult as it has been to work with and learn Dreamweaver, it has been really awesome working with the program. Creating the web page has been really interesting. And I am glad to have the base pages to work with as the foundational pages instead of having to code all that myself. That would have made the task for the webpage a lot more tedious. 
  I had never taken any course like this before and it will be one of my most memorable classes. I have gotten to learn a lot about LA and its queer art culture which has truly been enlightening. 

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