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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Pura Lengua Y Viernes Girl

“Pura Lengua” and “Viernes Girl” were created as part of Womyn Image Makers. Womym Image Makers is a collective of four queer-indigenous identified filmmakers, Martiza Alvarez, Claudia Mercado, Aurora Guerrero, and Dalila Mendez.

“Pura Lengua” is an 11-minute short that follows Reina, a young queer Xicana who overcomes police brutality and a painful break-up through the healing power of poetry. The film fuses punk sensibilities, bilingual dialogue, and non-sequential editing to create a powerful in your face film that captivates its audience to a silence.  “Pura Lengua” was written by Martiza Alvarez and Directed by Aurora Gurrero.

“Viernes Girl” was written and directed by Aurora Guerrero and crated by Womyn Image Makers. “Viernes Girl” is about Chila, a young Salvadorian girl who enjoys school and music. Her older brother Hugo enjoys the ladies and has no regard for the fact that a thin bedroom wall separates his activities from his sister's. As the week progresses along with Hugo's romances, Chila gets creative with her ways of interfering. The battle between siblings takes a turn when Friday rolls around and Chila and Hugo discover that blood might be thicker than any wall. 

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