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Tuesday, December 11, 2012


This past Wednesday, our class presented our websites to each other and to a few special guests.  Getting to see my classmates present our final website in class was a real treat.  I especially enjoyed the personal stories they were able to share about their artists.  It was great learning more about artists I had heard of as well, especially D’Lo, who I have been following for some time.  It was interesting seeing how activism interacted with artwork for several of the artists.  I was fascinated with how several themes from the books we read in class (Art and Homosexuality by Christopher Reed, When We Were Outlaws by Jeanne Córdova, and Relocations by Karen Tongson) appeared throughout the website.

I was nervous about presenting, nearly forgetting to say my own name until Professor Lopez reminded me!  It’s tough putting your hard work out there for others to view and evaluate, though I love how the website turned out.  We were so lucky to have an awesome design team and an artist for a professor.  Working collaboratively on a website was a really unique and interesting experience, particularly as a lot of the work was so individual until the final week.  It’s really exciting to now have a website to share and direct people to. 

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