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Sunday, December 9, 2012


This quarter I learned a lot about using art tools such as adobe Photoshop, Dream Weaver , and downloading videos. I had no clue that all these things have to be named a certain thing and maintained in one file folder for a website..Who KNEW!
I also learned a lot about queer artists around Los Angeles through class prezi presentations, I had no idea this stuff was archived! I also learned a lot through the presentation we all did for our artist. As a queer woman of color this was awesome to see queer artist of color are present! This class exposed me to cool queer art. It’s so cool to know that we were all working on our own artist at the same time and to see the end product during Wednesday’s presentation. I was so worried my videos would not work for the presentation I had not even noticed that the information I updated for my bio, artist bio and third art piece were not there despite saving my work! Ah! glitches. At least I was not the only one! This may have been one of the most queer things I have ever done at UCLA (hahaha) definitely one of my favorite classes in my three years at UCLA :T I hope to take another course that comes close to this!

Thank you again Professor Lopez for being patient with the class and showing us your art skills in order for us to be activists like you.

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