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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Monday's finish with Jeanne Cordova

In my opinion, I think the wait for our guest lecturer was definitely worth it.  Jeanne Cordova's personality and presence was bigger than I anticipated. The energy that she emitted, with her slight comedic jabs at people in her life and moralistic lessons of life, made her talk engaging and open, which is what I loved about her. She is just as articulate in real life as she is in her novel. I loved the little side glances she did to her partner when she was talking about settling down, because to me it made her not just a strong character in a book that I'll never be able to reach, but a human being that now seems more stable than how she seemed to be before.

Something that she said when she talked about finding her own sexuality stuck out to me in her talk not for the content of it, but for the beauty of it. She said that when she had her first lesbian experience, it was like putting on rose-colored glasses. I loved that phrase, because it reminded me of the song "La Vie en Rose" by Edith Piaf, where the French-born singer recounts her experience with someone she loves as seeing everything as rosy and pink. it's the type of phrase that is probably true for many people, because when one delves in sexual pleasures, there is a level of care that you have for the other person and reciprocation. And those moments when you are thinking of someone else being happy and know that they are thinking the same thing, you see the experience in pink. In a radiating beauty. In happiness.

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