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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Make-Up Post: Bruja by Luis Alfaro

Another work by Luis Alfaro that I wanted to talk about briefly is another one of his plays, Bruja.  In the vein of his other works such as Oedipus El Rey and Electricidad, this play is based on an ancient Greek play (Medea).  The play was shown in San Francisco last spring.  It tells the story of Medea, who is instead a healer or curandera instead of the original sorceress.  Alfaro did a lot of research, as he does with all of his modern adaptations, in order to transition them into a modern setting in an “organic way.” He said he was most interested in immigration and exile in the context of the play, which led him to do more research into the indigenous communities of Mexico and Central America.

I chose to write about this play because I’m truly in awe of his work and wish I could get my hands on a script or see a performance of one of these plays! I have always personally loved the idea of adaptation of older stories that some might see as archaic and updating them to appeal to a younger audience or an audience who otherwise might not have access to the stories he’s using as structure. 

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