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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Jeanne Cordova

Jeanne Cordova is a pretty radical womyn. During her visit to our class she discussed some very interesting aspects of her love life as an activist. First she began by discussing her love life in the 1970s with BeJo and Rachel. She described the Butch/Femme Dynamic in a very unique manner that is so far from mimicking the Male/Female dichotomy. Cordova believes that the reason butch womyn and femme womyn are attracted to each other is because of the balance between masculine and feminine and how in the relationship it plays out better. She also discussed about how it is such a lesbian thing to do to keep your ex's around. I found this funny because as a self-identified Lesbian I keep my ex's around as well. As a hopeless romantic this is all that I really got out of her visit; Her many girlfriends, her ex's, and how she has been with her partner for 23 years and counting.

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