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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Jeanne Cordova

  To finish off the class by having Jeanne Cordova as our guest speaker was simply amazing. I really did enjoy her book. From when she walked in the class, I recognized her. I do not think the surprise was ruined when Professor Lopez accidentally went on to another slide in which had Jeanne on it. There was a clash though between the voice I had imagined for her when reading the book and hearing her actual voice. Was a little unreal at first. 
  Having Jeanne answer questions was very enlightening. She even got around to answering my questions. I was curious on whether or not she still had the hat that Rachel had given back to her those many years ago. Which was really nice to hear that she and Rachel still talked and that she was still friends with Bejo too. 
  An interesting note that she touched on, that she said was more prominent in the queer community was the maintaining of relationships with exes as opposed to how usually straight couples "burn those bridges" so to speak. I also thought that was quite unusual. For those who have long lasting relationships where these people become such an important part of their lives, I do not understand why they would have to end any relationship of any kind because their romantic relationship didn't work. i can understand that if things ended horribly, then yes, it would make sense as to why you wouldn't want that person around. But if things don't end badly, why would you want to cast out someone who you felt at one point was so important to you. I think those people can be friends. At least that was something I related to and thought was an interesting point that she spoke about. 

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