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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Guest Speaker

I'm so glad Prof. Lopez was fortunate to set a date for Jeanne Cordova to come to our class. It was a real surprise, especially because the class had not been informed about when Cordova would be visiting. Cordova highlighted lots of information, which I found useful and important, about queer identity, and just overall life lessons. We spent quite some time on relationships, which was my favorite part actually; wise words came from a wise woman. She spoke very fluidly, and she didn’t seem as assertive as I had expected, for the most part she was calm. When Cordova spoke about her experience at UCLA, I was really shocked as she stated that she did not encounter any queer people, but one bisexual. UCLA has changed so much now that we have many organizations that focus on the LGBTQ community. Growth is such a beautiful thing, and comes with the steps an individual takes toward the future, and the courage they gain. Its people like Cordova which fought for many of the freedoms that queer people have in the present-day, and why the movements occurred during the times that they did. Despite the impossibilities of perfected society, I feel that many queer people now have a somewhat established community, even if it’s just one person.

Cordova has really been a lifelong activist, and to witness how far she's come in her career brings much inspiration. Although she is retired, I found the fact that she continues to write so influential. I love to write; I keep journals and save many documents on my laptop of poems and even day-to-day entries. I hope I never stop using that muscle, and it's been proven by many people and even Cordova that you never really lose your passion. I’m interested in the book, I think, she mentioned of her relocation to Baja, California and the issues of queerness that are still being countered.  

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