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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Final Presentations

This past Wednesday our class met one last time to present our website to each other and the greater campus community. I was so fascinated by everyone's choice of artist, what made the happiest however was how much information everyone had learned about their respective artist. In a matter of weeks we created a beautiful project! As Rodnisha mentioned I wish more people would have shown up to see our presentation, because it is such a great resource. I brought my partner to the class to watch the presentations and he pointed out that Vaginal Davis is constantly talked about by Bikini Kill front woman Kathleen Hanna. This connection made me smile, and reaffirmed that the work we did is important and part of a larger world. Also, as I got home later that day, I ended up watching Youtube videos by Vaginal Davis and others on the website. In fact, I think I spent at least an hour just reading everyone's work on the website. I'm so happy that this was the way in which the class ended and know that our website will become a tool for others to explore and love just as much as we do. 

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