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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Final post: Presentations

I was very pleased in listening to all the presentations for the websites.  It was very interesting hearing a little bit of information about all artists that were the main focus of this course.  The artists that most caught my attention were Aurora Guerrero and Laura Aguilar.  Aurora really struck me with her most recent production, Mosquita y Mari, a film that became an important part of my life. This film, as I have mentioned before, reflects my personal life as a high school girl that had feelings for her best friend.  Laura’s photography skills have also made an impact in my life as well.  I admire that she has the courage to photograph herself in order to challenge society’s construction of the ideal “beautiful” woman—usually white, thin, young (and heterosexual).  Her work has become important to me, mainly because I have also struggled to accept my body and myself as a queer woman.  I certainly do not fit the standards of society’s “beautiful” woman, and Laura’s photographs not only reflect the issues that I have gone through, but it also sends the emotion/feeling that I have felt in my struggle to finally accept myself.  Overall, this class has been a fun experience because I had the opportunity to take part in creating a website, but it has also been a process of more exploration about myself and the issues that these artists address through their art.

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