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Friday, December 7, 2012

Artist Presentations

Aside from the awesome finished product of the website that we got to see on Wednesday, I also really enjoyed everyone's presentations. Each queer Los Angeles artist had a uniqueness to their work. For example, Monica Palacios' work as a performance artist (from what I saw in the clip) was phenomenal and hilarious. Her story about how her parents have two lesbian daughters and how their lives should be turned into a soap opera made the whole class laugh.I also like the dramatic humor and home-footage feel from Vaginal Davis' performance art. Lastly, another artist that stood out to me was Luis Alfaro and the video clip recording him saying his poem. The poem was about being queer and being Chicano and the intersections of those two identities. I thought these three artists in particular, although the rest were equally as great, represented what our class was all about in terms of expressions of art and homosexuality. Additionally, when my peers shared their experiences of working on the website project, it seemed like we could all relate and said similar things. Many people said they struggled with photoshop, dreamweaver, and putting it all together, but once it all came together it was well worth the frustration. I definitely agree and had an amazing time working on this project with everyone. Thank you Professor Alma!

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