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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Artist Presentations

I really enjoyed seeing the finished product during our presentation class presentation on Wednesday.  I could see all of the time and hard work that everyone invested in this project. I was especially impressed by the layout and design.  It looks like a professional website, y'all! Fantastic job.

I liked seeing the wide variety of artists that reside in Los Angeles. There were so many different styles and media through which artists expressed themselves and motivations behind the pieces they produced. Living on the Hill here at UCLA one can sometimes forget how large and diverse Los Angeles truly is and I think that this project captured that idea in a wonderful way. I'm more aware of the unique opportunities I have here in regard to arts and artists. I think I'll be more apt to seek out art of all kinds now because I know that there are so many based in this city, and there are even more than those on our list.

I had actually seen Julio Salgado's work before on Tumblr. But I didn't know that he was one of the artists on the project until the presentations the other day! Seeing his "Undocumented Apparel" pieces reminded me that art has an effect on our everyday lives and comes from lived experience. I think after all of these presentations I'll start following more artists with greater interest.

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