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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Website Project Experience

Building a website was a smooth experience for me.  Luckily, I did not run into some of the technical problems a few of my classmates had.  The lab worked out really well, with the ability to watch Professor Lopez and copy her editing.  Creating the website with Adobe Dreamweaver was a great learning experience and is an excellent skill to know.  I had previously used Dreamweaver to create a website for class, but that was several years ago and I had forgotten most of it.  I did find that editing the code could be rather nerve-wracking as I was constantly worried that I would delete the wrong part of the code and have to start all over.  It was extremely rewarding to complete all the detail-oriented editing and preview the finished design.

I especially appreciated learning Adobe Photoshop, a program I have never used before.  I really enjoyed manipulating photographs to create a self-portrait and create my artist’s portrait.  I plan on continuing to work in Photoshop as a beginner, although I do not plan on becoming a professional artist or website builder, I still believe that knowing the skills are valuable.  I am excited to see the final, finished website, with all of my classmates’ pages linked and uploaded as well.

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