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Friday, November 23, 2012


This past Monday we were introduced to the performance artist Karen Anzoategui, and her character VISA. VISA came storming in, requesting to play a song by the famous Latina singer Selena. She adorned her face with exaggerating makeup such as an overabundance of red lipstick. VISA wore a lingerie dress, and some thick high heels. She performed a small dance where she pulled a sock over a dildo, and also spoke of immigration issues and voting. Anzoategui declared that VISA does not necessarily represent the whole transgender community, but instead a combination of adult figures in her life. I realized that there was no real connection between the transgender community and Selena. Therefore VISA is personalized character that embodies Anzoategui's idiosyncrasies. Would that make VISA a character that is exclusive? Based on VISA’s performance, Anzoategui is focusing on a transgender in the Latina/o community. I found it interesting how in one of the artists’ recent performances she had caused a controversy among some transgender individuals. It was shocking because I feel that many people would agree that being transgender defies traditional conventions which is a more prevalent topic for discourse rather than a transgender that witnessed VISA’s performance and felt disturbed. Although LGBTQ individuals are still underrepresented, I feel that many people have developed a more liberal approach to their interests. 

I couldn’t help but make a correlation between VISA’s performance and Robert “Cyclona” Legorreta’s piece called Caca-Roaches Have No Friends. I didn’t realize it until now, but I wish I could have asked if Cyclona had any influence on Anzoategui's art. Both artists sought to perform a character that was untraditionally acceptable, while also highlighting political issues which encompassed immigration, gender, race, and activism. 

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