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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Vaginal Davis's HAG Gallery

Vaginal Davis is the founder of the HAG gallery of Los Angeles on Sunset Blvd. This particular gallery was first opened by Ms. Davis from 1982 to 1989 and reopened once again for her first major solo exhibition in New York City on November 9th of this year. Her original gallery featured works from non-proclaimed artists who never went to art school and who created  controversial forms of art from edible fashion to vomitorials and psychotropic performances. She even displayed the art of John Drew Barrymore (yes, actress Drew Barrymore’s father) whose work consisted of paintings and assemblages of broken liquor bottles, hypodermic needles and cockroaches.  The visual art of her New York gallery depicts many different nose-less, big-eyed cosmetic –and- tempera paintings of primarily white women labeled as women “trapped in the bodies of women”. In these portraits Davis seems to be providing a commentary on what “real art” even is while at the same time satirizing the trend of labeling people and their sexualities/ identities. Many people criticize this form of art- one person, who commented on Davis’s article in the Huffington Post on November 7th said: “Not art…but a scam! All kinds of fans scurrying around her lack of talent proclaiming how wonderful her work is and paying for it!” Needless to say, if Ms. Davis is looking for retaliation she certainly doesn't need to look far to find it! In any sense, I personally love her work as it illustrates my own similar love of pushing boundaries and definitions. Davis’s “I’m different, so deal with it” attitude in her work as well as her lifestyle is something to truly admire. 

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  1. After going looking at the presentations and looking at the information you provided on the website, I wanted to find out more was saw your post. I think its really cool that her gallery is open again and is so relatively close. Your presentation highlighted the playfulness and artistic risk that Davis puts into her work. And I think its something almost everyone can enjoy. Well anyone with a sense of humor.