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Friday, November 2, 2012

Tree of Life

This piece of work by Antonio Rael entitled "Frida Kahlo's Tree of Life: Celebrating Her 100th Birthday" is one of his most popular. Here, Rael commemorates Frida’s life, love, growth, and nourishment. The symbols he put on the tree, such as the birds, butterflies, the paint, and flowers are all a great representation of who Frida was as an artist and also who Rael is as an artist as well. I feel like this painting depicts the strong similarities Frida and Rael have in terms of their artistic capabilities and creative imagination. I’m not saying he is at the caliber of Frida nor has he reached the popularity and success she did, but you can truly see how much he is inspired and influenced by her. 

I really liked this painting because of the quote Rael includes on it, which reads, “I Happily Await the End and Hope Never to Come Back”. I think what he is trying to say is that one should always be proud and happy with what they have accomplished throughout their lives. Death is inevitable and all we can do is enjoy life while it lasts. If we do things that makes us happy maybe the end won’t seem as scary. 

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