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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Transcending the Material

"Transcending the Material"

A piece of Ben Cueva's that speaks to the meditation aspects of knitting. The installment consisted of a life-size skeleton in a meditation lotus position placed on top of a frame of a pile of cans of condensed milk along with a spread of portraits above of the skeleton. So much was depicted from the very organizing, labeling, and creation of the installment. Cueva's made such a soft yet bold statement of the human essence. To have one's fingers run through the fabric of yarn leaves soothing warmth and yet the sharpness and accuracy of the skeleton made a interesting contrast to the fabric. Along with the skeleton the base and stability that it was positioned on was the condensed cans, the need for people, the person, to find purpose in being productive and commercializing as much as we can. The can's can also be seen as a praise to the work that Andy Warhol, another queer artist, has made. The floating material that was the material above the skeleton frame all had images depicting the outlines of the human frame. An outline that was lost in the process of commercialization, the process that dehumanized so many when we can take into consideration the many sweatshops that exist throughout the world and the exploitation of many people. The transcending of material can be interpreted as the human losing it's very purpose and essence.   

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