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Thursday, November 29, 2012

To a wonderful first quarter...

This class was an enlightening experience and I'm grateful that it was a part of the beginning of my career at UCLA. One of the topics that had a strong impact on me came about the first day of class. It was a discussion about the word, queer, and what definitions it encompasses. Before this day, my understanding of the word queer was not that of the umbrella term for the LGBT community, but a term that is used to vilify my community. Therefore, I never embraced this word and only viewed it as vocabulary to circumvent. However, as the quarter progressed, my views on this word were challenged and redefined. Both Professor Lopez and my classmates offered numerous perspectives on the word queer, all quarter long. I'm happy to say that I embrace this word, now knowing the powerful and positive outlooks it can embody.

Jeanne Cordova's When We Were Outlaws, was another portion of the class that will remain with me for a very long time. Her writing was so authentic, so passionate! I felt as though I was living her experiences, flying through the pages desperately wanting to know what came next. I have so many questions for her (particularly regarding Rachel) and I can't wait to ask them this coming Monday. The lab time in Charles Young Research Library was an enjoyable way to explore creative outlets. Though I've used Photoshop in the past, Dreamweaver was a fun, new tool to try. While bringing together my artist's page, I learned something very intriguing about him: he's a native French speaker. Since he was born in the North Carolina town of Ft. Bragg, this caught me off guard. In all the times I've chatted with him, his French roots never came up. There's much more to Roy than the languages he can speak (which is striking to me on a personal level), and I can't wait to present about him on Wednesday.

Overall, I can say with no doubt or hesitation, that this class led to growth. 

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