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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Three Eagles Flying

        Through her work, Laura Aguilar strives to provide a better understanding of what it is like to be Latina and Lesbian and in this piece from 1990, Three Eagles Flying she does just that. The image is a self portrait including herself bound in ropes with the image of the Mexican eagle over her face wearing the american flag as a skirt. There is an American flag to her left and a Mexican flag to her right. This creation reflects a very personal standpoint which she used to analyze the relationship between herself and her mother. Growing up she felt as sense of lack of belonging due to the fact that she did not resemble her mother or her extended family phenotypically. Three Eagles Flying intersects the human body, land, space, and nationality. She’s bound by her roots through the rope and her hands are tied together, showing that she is shackled by her identity. 

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  1. To me, her work seemed similar to the work of Jenny Saville in her way of presenting a woman’s body. They both do not romanticize the nude of female. The difference between Laura Aguilar and Jenny Savile is whether they exaggerate the nude or not. Jenny Savile is considered one of the feminist artists who depict a woman’s body without idealizing it as other artists had done in traditional art history. She draws herself in a self-portrait or takes a photo of herself using glasses so that she can press down her face to the mirror to amplify the sense of volume that her body has. Women in her nude paintings usually pose in a provocative way but not sexually. One thing I want to know is what Aquilar tries to tell through her photographs. What messages does a photo of naked latino lesbian women convey?