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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Surprise Guest

     I was a little thrown off by Visa's abrupt entrance in our classroom this past Monday. I was expecting Profe Gaspar de Alba to give a talk about her accomplishments as a queer, chicana, feminist writer when Visa barged in and made her presence known. I love that she came in playing Selena on her laptop, signifying her Latina background. Like Selena her red lips were big and bold. Her breast were out there in your face and her skirt was a little short but I figured she had come in this way with a purpose.
     Along with my fellow classmates I listened to her attentively and had a few laughs. The topics she spoke about ranging from immigration to elections outed her as an intellectual individual. She played her character very well and I was impressed with her ability to shine light upon various issues from a very serious yet comedic stance. No matter how controversial her words were I was comfortable listening to Visa, I felt like I knew her. Looking back on the performance I have a few questions...of all the identities she can portray why that of a loud Cuban, transgender, prostitute. I believe she somewhat addressed the reasoning behind the prostitute, by noting that prostitution is a real issue within communities but I would like to know more.

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