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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Run Up

 This is a piece by Ken Gonzales Day in a series of pictures called Hang Trees. Day went all throughout California and took pictures of different trees from different places in California.
 I chose this piece because the feeling I got from looking at this tree. There was just this feeling of grandness and awe at the beautiful things mother nature can create. I see the tree as evoking a sentiment of a sort of freedom because its far reaching branches the seem unrestricted, except by the laws of gravity. But even so, its branches stretch out far from the trunk and the trunk itself stands in a way where it seems like it had the freedom to choose the direction it grew and change directions again. It seems like it grew up and was twisting and turning along the way. Choosing the way it wanted to touch the sky. And from the grandness I feel, it also has this sense of archaic wisdom. That this is a free spirited tree that has stood the test of time and survived all that mother nature has done to care for it and destroy it. And over all it is just a really cool example of the things mother nature has done.

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  1. But why does the artist title this series of photographs, "Hang Trees"? What is the meaning implied by the title of the series?