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Monday, November 12, 2012

Rudi the Pioneer

I chose this piece by Rudi this week, not because I find it so personally striking, like the "monokini" or last week, but because of what it represents.

It was a joy to do a bit of research into the person that Rudi Gernreich was as a man, as a designer, and as a pioneer. As I mentioned in his brief bio a couple weeks ago, Rudi and his mother fled Nazi oppression for Los Angeles when Rudi was 8. Things were tough and Rudi was apparently forced to take up work to support his family. Spending his days cleaning cadavers at a local morgue, Rudi was forced to grow up quickly. But, this experience also gave him an insight into the human form, which became a trademark of his work, easily noticed in the item above.

Another reason I am becoming more fond of Rudi is his dedication to pressing the limits. Rudi always looked for more ways to break the mold of traditional women's clothing and during the 60's, a time of social revolution, Rudi offered a voice of progression with his bold, innovative styles.

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